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Best Tri-proof lights – Complete guide for LED Tri-proof lighting

Best Tri-proof lights – Complete guide for LED Tri-proof lightingWhen it comes to LED tri-proof lights, we are all familiar with this luminaires. It’s waterproof, robust, and versatile. Thanks to its outstanding performance, the tri-proof lights have been widely used in many applications.

To serve for different purposes, there are lots of new design of tri-proof light in the market now, give us more options to choose the best tri-proof lights for our projects. But when it comes to buying the tri-proof lighting, you might encounter a bunch of choices which can meet every taste and need, and which models are the most cost-effective.

For this reason, we’ve spent hours researching various sources of information about the most popular triproof lights in the market and come up with this useful buying guide. Our goal is simple: to help you have a deep insight into tri-proof lighting so that you can have the best purchasing decision. Now let’s get started!

What are Tri-proof lights?

Tri-proof lights mean waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion proof. They are made with special corrosion-proof materials and silicone sealing ring to realize protection requirements for the fixtures. From the ends where the cable comes out, there are with waterproof PG connectors for seamless connection, it secures the cable and keeps water and dust from entering. LED tri-proof lights are specially designed and also can withstand high pressure. The IP rating for tri-proof light is normally IP65, IP66, some can even reach IP68 and IP69.

What are the benefits of Tri-proof light?

  • Anti-glare, with low UGR. Tri-proof lights made with milky diffuser emit a soft, warm light that is safe for our eyes. Especially when the fittings are mounted in the parking lot, light with low UGR are safe for drivers to drive a car.
  • Maintenance free – Tri-proof fixtures are heavy-duty and special made to withstand harsh conditions. It requires less maintenance and has a long life span.
  • IP 65 waterproof – For applications like farms, slaughter-houses, food factories, etc, IP65 fixtures are a must for the wet environment.
  • Long life span – Working hours is more than 50000 hours
  • High efficiency – High light output from 130lm/w to 140lm/w
  • Simple wiring
  • Easy installation

What is the application?

LED Tri-proof lights are designed for rough conditions and moist environments. It’s perfect for commercial lighting, warehouse lighting, parking garage lighting, supermarket lighting, outdoor areas, pedestrian bridges, awning backlighting, and more.

What is the installation method?

Tri-proof fixtures can be mounted on a wall with included hardware kit, or suspended from ceilings with hanging kits. Considering the working environments, the surface mounting method is the most commonly used.

Different types of the best Tri-proof lights in the market.

In order to serve various requirements and purpose, LED tri-proof lights have been evolved from time to time. There are a bunch of unique design waterproof lights in the market, with a special look and usefully functions, cater to various project requirements.

We have collected the most popular tri-proof lights in the market, indicating the pros and cons of each luminaire, hope to give you a little thought before making the decision to purchase.

1. Tri-proof fixture with led tubes

Tri-proof fixture with led tubes

Before LED lighting comes into popular, light source and the fixture are separated, (not integrated design like the LED light we see now). Normally we need to buy a light source and install it into a fixture, then do the cable wiring. Considering the application and environment, this way the installation is not convenient, and sometimes it’s also not easy to maintain when there is a problem.

Conventional Tri-proof fixtures are equipped with T8 LED tubes (some fixtures can hold T5 tube, but not common), with 1*18w or 2*18w, some bigger fixture can hold 4 pcs of led tube, 4*18w. The wattage is normally from 18w to 40w, cannot reach higher watt. Luminous efficiency is around 100lm/w, not a high level.

The fixture itself has clips on both sides to fasten the diffuser, so it protects the tubes from entering water and dust.

Specification of Tri-proof Fixture with LED Tubes
2ft 600mm 2*9w 1600lm >0.9 LED T8 IP65 665*125*90mm
4ft 1200mm 2*18w 3200lm >0.9 LED T8 IP65 1270*125*90mm
5ft 1500mm 2*24w 4300lm >0.9 LED T8 IP65 1570*125*90mm


  • Cheap, low cost
  • Easy replacement, light source is replaceable. No need to remove the whole fixture.


  • Wiring is not simple
  • Single function
  • Wattage and light output is limited
  • Out of date

2. LED Tri-proof lights – PC Integrated type

LED Tri-proof Light PC Type

The LED Tri-proof light integrated type shares the same tri-proof fixture of first one. The difference between them is, it replaces the tubes with LED modules (LED board + LED driver), combines them together as an integrated lighting fixture. You can also say it’s an upgraded model to the traditional waterproof light fixtures.

The integrated fixtures can be improved with many new functions to meet different requirements, such as On/Off sensor, Emergency backup, and DALI dimmable. Also, the integrated LED tri-proof light can reach higher wattage up to 80w and the length is also extended to 1800mm.

These features have made this tri-proof light stand out of all other counterparts.

Specification of LED Tri-proof Lights - PC type
2ft 600mm 20w 130lm/w PC >0.9 IP65 Internal
4ft 1200mm 40w/45w 130lm/w PC >0.9 IP65 Internal
5ft 1500mm 50w/60w 130lm/w PC >0.9 IP65 Internal
6ft 1800mm 70w/80w 130lm/w PC >0.9 IP65 Internal


  • Price is affordable
  • Higher wattage, more bright light output
  • More functions: On/Off, Emergency, DALI


  • Linkable wiring method is not easy,
  • Profile is old and ordinary, low-end type
  • Product material is PC, not aluminum.

3. LED Tri-proof lights – Aluminum profile

LED Tri-proof lights Aluminum Type

LED Alu tri-proof lights are made with a completely new design with a modern appearance, product shape is more appeal to the general public. Unlike the conventional tri-proof fixture, the aluminum one is with end caps on both ends to seal the light.

As its housing is made with aluminum alloy, LEDs have a longer life span since it’s with better heat dissipation. The wattage can be also higher than the PC tri-proof lights with same size. And more funcitons can be added together in the light, making it really versatile.

Specification of LED Tri-proof light - Aluminum type
2ft 600mm 20/30w 140lm/w Aluminum IP66 5 years Internal
4ft 1200mm 40/50w 140lm/w Aluminum IP66 5 years Internal
5ft 1500mm 60/70w 140lm/w Aluminum IP66 5 years Internal
6ft 1800mm 80w 140lm/w Aluminum IP66 5 years Internal
8ft 2400mm 90w 140lm/w Aluminum IP66 5 years Internal
10ft 3000mm 100w 140lm/w Aluminum IP66 5 years Internal


  • Aluminum profile, high-end quality
  • More functions: On/Off, Emergency, DALI
  • Higher wattage, more bright light output
  • More length options, up to 3 meter


  • Price is high

4. LED waterproof Lights – Slim profile

LED Waterproof lights Slim design batten type

The batten type waterproof lights are alternative to aluminum triproof light, it’s in slim designed with more affordable prices. Compared to other types of tri-proof lights, the height of the lamp is lower, only 46mm.

With less material use in the diffuser and heat sink, the price of batten type waterproof light is more competitive than the aluminum one. For projects with a small budget, this model is suitable.

Specification of LED waterproof light - Slim profile, batten type
2ft 600mm 20w 110lm/w Aluminum IP65 >0.9 Internal
4ft 1200mm 40w 110lm/w Aluminum IP65 >0.9 Internal
5ft 1500mm 60w 110lm/w Aluminum IP65 >0.9 Internal


  • Price is affordable
  • Aluminum profile, good heat dissipation


  • Single function
  • Light output is low

5. Alu Tri-proof lights – Detachable endcap

LED Tri-proof Light with Detachable endcaps for DIY connection

This tri-proof light is the improved version of alu tri-proof lights. It’s equipped with a detachable terminal on both ends. The detachable terminal is for easy wiring and quick installation.

With it, you can easily do the wiring according to actual installation, give you more flexibility. What’s more, it’s also highly efficient to link all the lamps together, save wiring cost and installation time. Maximum linkable quantities are around 10-15pcs depends on the wattage.

For some countries, the cost of hiring a installer or electrician could be rather high, and they charge on working time. If you would like to further reduce the installation cost, this tri-proof light with detachable enpcaps will be the the best choice for you.

Specification of LED Tri-proof lights - Detachable type
2ft 600mm 22w 3050LM Aluminum IP65 5 years >0.95
4ft 1200mm 40w 5600LM Aluminum IP65 5 years >0.95
5ft 1500mm 60w 8400LM Aluminum IP65 5 years >0.95
8ft 2400mm 100w 14000LM Aluminum IP65 5 years >0.95


  • Linkable, enable the lamps to be interconnected
  • Quick installation, Easy wiring
  • More functions: Dimmable, Emergency, Sensor


  • Price is expensive

6. IP69K Tri-proof lights

IP69K Tri-proof lights

Tri-proof lights are normally with IP65 or IP66 level, it’s enough for the general requirements. But for some industrial places such as food processing, where hygiene and cleanliness are paramount, the lamp will be even washed and sanitized to avoid the accumulation of dust. Under this circumstance, the IP69K waterproof lights are required.

What is IP69K mean? You can check on this post IP Rating – Complete Guide for detailed information.

IP69K tri-proof lights are designed to withstand rigorous high pressure, high-temperature wash-down procedures. Compared to other tri-proof lights, it’s with IK10 grade, higher than IK08 of other standard lightings. And, most of the IP69K triproof lights are with round shape.

Specification of IP69K Tri-proof lights
2ft 600mm 20w 120lm/w PC/PE IP69K IK10 >0.9
4ft 1200mm 36w 120lm/w PC/PE IP69K IK10 >0.9
5ft 1500mm 45w 120lm/w PC/PE IP69K IK10 >0.9


  • IP69K, withstand rigorous conditions
  • IK10, can withstand higher pressure


  • Lumen is not high
  • Not popular


After reviewing these tri-proof light series, we know that each lighting have its own advantage and disadvantage, and hard to say which is better. It is better only when the light can match with your project requirements.

These tri-proof lighting listed above are the typical one we saw from the market, of course, there are many other new and special tri-proof fixtures, we will keep searching and give you detailed analysis next time.

If you have any questions on finding the right tri-proof fixtures, or you’re looking for a sourcing agent, you’re welcome to contact us or leave us a message at http://www.tekos-tech.com/products/. We’d love to help you out!

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